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Professional quality dry photography paper

Beneath the gentle embrace of a blushing veil, a woman emerges, her beauty a beacon of light, illuminating the world around her. Her skin, a canvas of natural hues, radiates with an inner glow, a reflection of her newfound confidence as she steps into the spotlight. Her eyes, like twin pools of starlight, shimmer with determination and resilience, their gaze fixed on the horizon, ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

The pink veil, a symbol of delicate femininity and transformation, gracefully drapes around her form, yet it fails to obscure her inherent radiance. Instead, it serves as a protective shield, shielding her from the prying eyes of the world and allowing her to shed the layers of self-doubt that once held her captive.


“The Unseen Beauty ”

This photography collection is a celebration of Black womanhood, artistry and the power to transform.This collection is also a challenge to the cultural labour of Black artists that forces them to fit into a certain gaze. This photography collection is a celebration of Black womanhood and its resistance to conventional European beauty standards. It is a reminder that Black beauty is inherent and cannot be erased, no matter how many beauty techniques are used.This collection is a powerful statement of Black self-love and acceptance.


2022, London

297 mm x 420 mm framed with professional quality dry photography paper

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These are limited edition prints; Kassandra only sells 7 photo prints for each picture. Kassandra has a curious and spiritual fascination with the number 7.

Ready | Limited Edition

£ 450.00 GBP

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