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Community is more than just a word for Kassandra; Kassandra is a community architect. From her days being a Domestic Violence Worker, being a trained Youth Worker, managing programmes for young people with disabilities to her current collaborations with The Jewellery Collective and leading art group Other Palette, she's spent years weaving connections, empowering voices, and igniting creative fires.

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Kassandra creates events in the creative world with The Jewellery Collective and Other Palette.

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Outernet London

Curated by Emmanuel Sugo from Other Palette, the outdoor multimedia installation taking place at Outernet explores Black British creativity through the lens of London based artists.

Kassandra showcased her fine jewellery film created at Hampton Court Palace.

Outernet London is the new culture, arts and media district which features the most advanced immersive screen technology in the world. Outernet’s giant screens display immersive arts and culture programming creating unparalleled communal experiences for the public.

Kassandra Fine Art jewellery exhibitions

Kassandra creates immersive fine jewellery exhibitions

Adorned Resonance: A British Jamaican Odyssey," a captivating multimedia exhibition that delves into the rich tapestry of British Jamaican heritage and its profound influence on fine jewellery. Through a captivating blend of portraits, exquisite jewellery, fashion storytelling, and evocative soundscapes, the exhibition celebrates the enduring legacy of the British Jamaican community and the profound role of adornment rituals in expressing cultural identity and connection across generations.

"Adorned Resonance: A British Jamaican Odyssey" embarks on a transformative journey through Kassandra's creative process, showcasing her artistic evolution and her unwavering dedication to preserving British Jamaican heritage through the exquisite medium of jewellery design. Visitors are then invited to immerse themselves in a series of captivating installations that explore various facets of the British Jamaican experience.

Intricate filigree designs, inspired by the familial bonds that bind British Jamaican families, adorn captivating portraits, alongside treasured jewellery heirlooms passed down through generations. Throughout the exhibition, visitors are enveloped in a rich soundscape that transports them to the vibrant streets of the British Jamaican diaspora, evoking the sights, sounds, and cultural essence of this extraordinary community.

“Adorned Resonance: A British Jamaican Odyssey" is a resounding celebration of heritage, family, and the timeless artistry that unites generations. This captivating exhibition is generously sponsored by The British Council.

Adorned Resonance: Jewellery Exhibition

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