It All Started With A Kiss | Limited Edition

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Professional quality dry photography paper

In this introspective portrait, a woman stands shrouded in a cascade of silken fabric, her face and her form concealed, but her spirit unmasked. She holds a cherished photograph, a tangible connection to her parents, their younger selves captured in a moment of shared joy, a glimpse into their lives before she was born. The silken veil enveloping the woman symbolises the protective cocoon of the womb, fostering the growth of life within its embrace. It also represents the passage of time, the delicate balance between the past and present. The photograph, a relic of the past, serves as a portal to her parents' younger selves, offering a glimpse into the lives of those who created her. In this silent dialogue between the woman and her parents, the silken shroud becomes a symbol of remembrance and connection, a testament to the enduring power of family ties.


"A Journey of Heritage and Heart”

Through the lens, we delve into the poignant exploration of a British Jamaican young woman, cradling generations past in her hands. The delicate dance between tradition and modernity is painted in every glance, every touch, as old family photos become windows to a rich tapestry of roots and cherished moments. With each portrait, she weaves her story, celebrating her lineage and fostering a profound connection to her family's legacy.


It All Started With A Kiss
2022, London

210 x 297mm framed with professional quality dry photography paper

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These are limited edition prints; Kassandra only sells 7 photo prints for each picture. Kassandra has a curious and spiritual fascination with the number 7.

It All Started With A Kiss | Limited Edition

£ 300.00 GBP

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