In the UK when a woman gets married they change their name to her husband’s surname.

However, these are progressive times, and things are changing. More women are deciding to keep their maiden surname or have double barrel surnames. On occasion men take their wife’s surname when they marry.

More women are in education, running their own businesses, working and looking after children and generally getting to the top of their respective professional fields.

So why do women usually wait to be proposed to?

Nothing wrong with it, it’s just a question.

As I mentioned before society is moving away from the original marriage tradition where women were viewed as the property of or subordinate to men. It tends to be the accepted view of our times that men and women are both be equals in the relationship.

Marriage and relationships are about partnership, right? Why don’t women propose more often? Isn’t it the same? Men and women both wear wedding rings, so why don’t men wear the engagement ring (and women too, or not)? Aren’t they both fiancés? Both taken? Future husband (wherever you are) I’m making you an engagement ring. It would be great to pass down a future heirloom to your (possible future) son.

You might be thinking men don’t like wearing jewellery and only watches. You’d be surprised at the rising number of men who are starting to express their individuality through jewellery, especially rings. Don’t believe me? Start looking at men’s hands on the tube regularly like me (like a creep, I know).

I know this is self-interested. I create engagement rings for women all the time and I really love it. I love connecting with women and seeing their reaction to the final product.

But what I’d really, really want to do one day is make a male engagement ring, a ‘mangagement’ ring.

Now that would be different.

Let me know if you know anyone in a heterosexual relationship where the man wears the engagement ring. I would love to hear their story and see the ring if I can.

I realised earlier this year that the famous singer Ed Sheeran wears an engagement ring. Will he inspire more men to do so?

Of course, I’d be delighted to make wedding or engagement rings for couples who identify the LGTBQ community. I would be most honoured to make them for you.

Get in touch with all your jewellery needs.

Speak soon.

Kassandra x

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