Having a chat with  Kene’h Oweh the host of By the Fire Podcast details mythology and folklore

Having a chat with Kene’h Oweh the host of By the Fire Podcast details mythology and folklore

Kene'h Oweh

My name is Keneh Oweh, usually known as Ken, and I am the host of By the Fire Podcast. The podcast details mythical creatures and folklore from across the Black diaspora. As a Nigerian born in Britain, I was dissatisfied at the lack of mythology originating from Africa and the Caribbean, as well as the Americas. This led to the genesis of By the Fire Podcast! Since then, I’ve been able to increase my knowledge on mythology and have had guests on the podcast including an author, a blog writer and horror enthusiast.

So, below I asked Ken questions to get to know her more. 

Tell me about yourself?

"I am a pharmacy student who has a growing interest in Black mythology and the relationship between morality and folklore told as children. I enjoy dancing as a hobby and have been able to use the podcast as a reason to read more stories from non-Western authors."

Walk me through step by step process that you went through to where you are now.

Step-by-step process:

  1. I had the idea and went on to research which microphones to use (had the help of a content creator who informed me of what she used)
  2. Went onto research which software I should use to record/edit episodes.
  3. Began researching mythology and brought out my podcast episodes!
  4. Was able to use social media to reach out to the guests – mostly found them by accident and emailed them.
  5. Also used social media to gain a larger following on twitter by commenting under viral posts where relevant
  6. Was away from my equipment for a third of a year, so I decided to create a Tiktok to speak about some of the creatures and other topics I’ve discussed on the podcast – but in a quick 1-minute video

Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year? 

"Goals: increasing the engagement and reach of the podcast and on social media. Also being able to have a wide range of guests from around the world who are in different specialities. Being consistent about uploads by uploading an episode every fortnight."

If a kid walked up to asking for your advice and you only had a few minutes to give ‘em your best tip, what would it be?

"Don’t be afraid to just start. Trying to perfect something before you begin slows down the momentum of when you initially had the idea. Improvements can be made once the creation is out!"

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be and why? 

"Traditionally, baobab tree because its leaves, bark, and seeds have been used to treat “almost any disease,” including malaria, tuberculosis, fever, microbial infections, diarrhea, anemia, toothache, and dysentery. The leaves and fruit pulp have been used to reduce fever and stimulate the immune system."

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I will be featuring another special guest soon. Don't miss out!

Speak soon,

Kassandra xx

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