Dem A Pree | Limited Edition

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Professional quality dry photography paper

In this lighthearted yet poignant portrait, a woman is trying to relax. Yet, the intrusion of a mobile phone, poised to document her relaxation, casts a shadow over her serenity. The Jamaican patois word "pree" perfectly captures the paradoxical nature of the scene, translating to "pay attention, watch closely." In this instance, the act of documenting the woman's relaxation becomes an interruption, a constant reminder of her observed state rather than a genuine moment of respite. The phone's presence disrupts the sanctity of personal space, transforming a private moment into a performance for an invisible audience.


“The Beauty of Being on Guard”

This photography collection is a celebration of Black British women and their resilience. It is a reminder that rest is not a luxury for Black women; it is a form of resistance. It is also a reminder that Black women create their own spaces of peace and joy, even when the world around them is chaotic and hostile.


Dem a pree
2022, London

210 x 297mm framed with professional quality dry photography paper

Pree (Jamaican patois word)

English Translation: Pree

Pay Attention, Watch Closely

Pree: Definition

A term used to encourage someone to observe or be mindful of a particular situation or individual, often used to suggest vigilance or caution

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These are limited edition prints; Kassandra only sells 7 photo prints for each picture. Kassandra has a curious and spiritual fascination with the number 7.

Dem A Pree | Limited Edition

£ 350.00 GBP

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